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DrCloud is a place where you can get the maximum performance out of your database and integrate it with your CRM or management system. You can synchronize your actions with a database that DrCloud offers.


DrCloud offers its customers a 15-million user high quality database in over 15 countries. You can target these users by geo-demographic variables and other advanced variables.


You can integrate your management system with DrCloud through a potent API that allows you to integrate all the functionalities of DoctorSender.

Behavioral Targeting

Effective communication is necessary to understand the users and find out what interests them. Thanks to the "Behavioral Targeting Trackig" You can segment your campaigns based on behavior.

A/B Testing

Optimize your campaigns to get maximum performance. Find the settings that works best for you and maximize your conversions.

Consulting and Full Services

Do you need help at improving the results of your actions? Do you want us to take care of everything? DoctorSender can help you improve your figures with actions that could go from graphic design of the campaigns to planning strategic actions...

Falcon System Technology

DoctorSender's Department of High Performance Engineering has developed specific technology to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility. It incorporates a system of 'Online Reputation Monitor' that can make decisions in real time to ensure maximum deliverability.

Integration with Google Analytics and social networks.

You can integrate your campaigns with different applications to get wider distribution or to obtain additional statistics.


Check the spam score that your campaign has and things you can improve. This will allow you to optimize your results.

Keep your database clean.

DoctorSender can help you keep your database clean. Disable non-active users or bounces can help you optimize your ratios..


Thanks to the comprehensive statistics report that DoctorSender offers, you can know how each target of users behaves and therefore you can segment them based on that information.